Lockerbie Drama Club

I've been a member of Lockerbie Drama Club for more than 35 years. Yes - I know - hard to believe. I've been its President and its Treasurer and I've acted on its stage more times than I can count. Please visit its website and, if you can, sit on its seats

My Family Tree

Well, more exactly, my son's family tree. My wife and I have been tracing our ancestors for some years now, and this is the fruit of our labours


The Scottish Science Education Research Centre. If you're a Science teacher - or just interested in what Science teachers do all day - then this is the place for you. There's stuff on Health and Safety, equipment, experiments and lots more.

Church of Scotland

I am a Presbyterian and member of the Church of Scotland. The Kirk is divided into regional areas called Presbyteries

Annandale and Eskdale

I am a member of Annandale and Eskdale Presbytery. I preach mostly within its bounds (though I am not limited to them) and have been appointed as Interim Moderator to some of its charges.

Lockerbie Dryfesdale, Hutton and Corrie

This is my local congregation and I usually worship at Lockerbie: Dryfesdale church